Hundreds of thousands of people are signing the petition asking Prime Minister Morrison and Environment Minister Sussan Ley to create strong new environment laws that actually protect forests, rivers, reefs and wildlife.

For even more impact, email your own Member of Parliament and ask them to:

  • Speak up within their party for environment laws that actually protect nature, and an independent regulator to enforce them
  • Oppose attempts to rush changes to our laws before the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation (EPBC) review is complete

It’s up to us – everyday people who care – to drown out the voices of mining and logging corporations who are pressuring MPs to gut our already weak environment protection laws.

As your elected representative, your MP has a responsibility to listen to you.

Make your letter personal

  • Say you are a resident of their electorate.
  • Explain why protecting nature is important to you.
  • What local wildlife, habitat or water sources do you value?
  • Tell them who in your networks you are talking to about this issue.
  • Ask them to raise the issue with their party leader and environment minister.

Why our current laws aren’t working

They are weak, outdated and:

  • Fail to protect rivers, our vanishing wildlife, reefs and forests.
  • Enable loggers, big developers and polluting companies to destroy our living world – with very little oversight or responsibility to repair their damage.
  • Lock out concerned communities.
  • Don’t even mention the words “climate change”!

We need a new framework of national laws to:

  • Make the federal government responsible for protecting our water, wildlife, climate and the places we love.
  • Establish an independent commission to set environmental standards.
  • Create an independent national Environmental Protection Authority to make sure governments and businesses do the right thing by nature.
  • Guarantee communities the right to have a say in environmental decisions.


Header image: Dale Cochrane