The Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) says the release of the Energy Networks Australia and CSIRO energy roadmap is an embarrassing rebuke to the Turnbull government's refusal to think long term on energy and climate policy.

The report highlights energy savings for households and industry with a clear roadmap to a cheap and clean energy economy for Australia.

"If the Turnbull and Abbott governments had a plan for zero emissions a few years ago we'd be paying less for energy right now,” said ACF energy and climate spokesperson Gavan McFadzean.

“The PM is lurching incoherently from one band aid solution to the next including this current shambolic gas sideshow. It’s an embarrassing contrast to the release of a comprehensive roadmap to zero emissions.

“Whether it be export controls on gas, a failed and expensive Emissions Reduction Fund, or another feasibility study, the Turnbull is doing everything it can to avoid coming up with an actual plan to transition the energy economy smoothly.

“The PM’s Snowy 2.0 thought bubble may be able to deliver increased renewables capacity years into the future, but everyone including the CSIRO knows that solar and wind, combined with revolutionary storage technology can do the job now.

“While the ACF believes we can get to zero emissions faster, the CSIRO, Energy Networks Australia report shows what you can do when you have a long term, coherent plan to drive the transition from fossil fuels like coal and gas to a renewables based future.

“It’s perplexing, indeed irresponsible for a conservative government in particular to impose gas export controls yet rule out market based mechanisms like a price on carbon, shown to be the most effective and cheapest way to drive the transition from coal and gas to renewable sources of energy.

“Over 60 jurisdictions around the world have adopted a price on carbon pollution because it’s proven to be the most popular, efficient and cost effective way to transition an economy to renewable energy.

“It’s the Turnbull’s government chaotic approach to energy policy, it’s addiction to coal and gas and it’s ideological opposition to renewables that has created the energy crisis in the first place.

“The report outlines that encouraging the take up of rooftop solar and the construction of large scale solar supply are critical measures the government needs to take to drive the transition to affordable, clean and reliable electricity to households and business.

“In the absence of federal leadership it's been left to states like South Australia, Victoria and Queensland to drive the transition. While this is welcome, a comprehensive national plan is what’s urgently needed.”

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