PM must embrace clean energy for a healthy planet

The Prime Minister’s attempts to force a major company into keeping open a dirty coal power plant well past its use-by date again reveals the failure of our elected representatives to develop a clear strategy to embrace clean energy and halt soaring carbon pollution, the Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) says.

ACF Climate Change Program Manager, Gavan McFadzean, said Malcolm Turnbull’s attempts to extend the Liddell plant past its natural life represents a denial of the inevitable shift to clean energy and reveals a disturbing unwillingness to recognise the urgent threat of carbon pollution.

“AGL has said repeatedly that it will not extend the life of its ageing fleet of dirty coal plants. It is even running television ads promising Australians that it will get out of coal,” Ms McFadzean said.

“This is a desperate attempt from the Turnbull Government to delay the inevitable.

“Any responsible Prime Minister, acting in the interests of all Australians, would be swiftly developing a strong plan to encourage much more clean energy from the sun and the wind, and backing it up with a comprehensive national climate change strategy to bring an end to planet warming carbon pollution.”

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