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A food system that is good for people and nature is possible and the big supermarkets must help to create it.  

If you share our vision for a thriving, sustainable Australian agriculture industry which nurtures landscapes, supports, communities, and rewards farmers, please add your name to this simple ask of Woolworths and Coles: 

We love this country. Our unique landscapes and wildlife are like nowhere else on earth. Australian nature is part of our identity and culture. We rely on it for clean air and water, for food, and our economy. But Australia's food system is failing nature. 

The forests, wetlands, and rivers we love and depend on are being destroyed at a dangerous rate. The way we grow our food is a major cause of this nature destruction. Every year hundreds of thousands of hectares of habitat for animals like the koala and gang-gang cockatoo are bulldozed to make room to produce more beef. Much of it will end up in a supermarket fridge. 

We should be able to walk into a Woolworths or Coles to pick up food for our families and know that it is not linked to the bulldozing of our wildlife’s homes. Currently we cannot. But you can change that. 

We call on Woolworths and Coles to commit to selling only deforestation-free beef, stop the destruction of ecosystems, and support farmers that are producing food while protecting and restoring nature on their land. 

Nature needs us now. It needs you now. 


Hundreds of thousands of tonnes of beef is sold in our supermarkets each year – if Woolworths and Coles stopped allowing deforestation and nature destruction in their supply chains, they would change the rate of Australian bulldozing overnight. 

Add your name today. We need to show both supermarkets that the community wants to see them act immediately to put a stop to the destruction of more precious native habitat. 

Header photo: Carl and Andrew Young in the field on their farm, Redgold near Mildura. Photo: David Sickerdick.

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Diana 2024-07-23 03:10:32 +1000
Protection of green space is more important now than ever, because of thecreckless n unplanned exploitation of thos finite resource.
Alan 2024-07-23 02:32:44 +1000
also think about the impact of food miles from the increase in imported processed food and associated land clearing in the countries where you source the product.
Robert 2024-07-22 21:34:32 +1000
Carol 2024-07-22 19:56:58 +1000
Erin 2024-07-22 18:54:19 +1000
Come on guys
Do the right thing for the environment. Take care of it and it will take care of you.
Jane 2024-07-22 18:51:17 +1000
I always choose the free range chicken and pork options. I would love to be able to choose deforestation-free beef and dairy. You have immense power. Please use it for good.
Rose 2024-07-22 17:18:08 +1000
Jenny 2024-07-22 16:46:46 +1000
Jewel 2024-07-22 16:22:30 +1000
Susannah 2024-07-22 15:59:03 +1000
judith 2024-07-22 14:40:42 +1000
Land clearing needs to stop in order to maintain habitat for wildlife.
Julie 2024-07-22 14:05:07 +1000
Please save our forests and wildlife
Greg 2024-07-22 12:52:19 +1000
Sian 2024-07-22 12:14:48 +1000
Let’s save what’s left
Victoria 2024-07-22 11:07:21 +1000
peter 2024-07-22 10:15:22 +1000
Jelica 2024-07-22 03:00:40 +1000
Steven 2024-07-21 23:50:54 +1000
Gael 2024-07-21 18:29:08 +1000
Genevieve 2024-07-21 18:18:47 +1000
Christine 2024-07-21 17:37:10 +1000
Pamela 2024-07-21 16:37:22 +1000
Dorothy 2024-07-21 16:22:17 +1000
Cheryl 2024-07-21 16:18:22 +1000
Lyn 2024-07-21 15:12:58 +1000
We must urgently stop deforestation for beef supply – we need to protect the forests for the sake of endangered animals and climate change.
Linda 2024-07-21 12:11:47 +1000
Leanne 2024-07-21 11:53:48 +1000
Barrie 2024-07-21 09:50:47 +1000
Julie 2024-07-21 08:52:19 +1000
Emma 2024-07-21 08:46:48 +1000