Opposition Leader Peter Dutton has finally announced some of the details of his nuclear energy plan and it's a cover to keep burning fossil fuels for decades to come.  

This moment must be remembered in history as a terrible political mistake. That way, we can close the book on this dirty, dangerous, and darn expensive distraction once and for all. Let’s keep Australia firmly nuclear free. 

Please write to your elected Coalition representatives today to show that their constituents will not remain quiet! You may wish to include some of the following talking points:

  • Producing nuclear energy takes too long: it would take almost two decades between first idea and first power. 
  • Nuclear is dirty and dangerous: it poses significant community, environment and health risks. 
  • Nuclear is far more expensive compared to renewable options: 5-10 times more expensive than solar and wind. 
  • Nuclear power requires a lot of water: reactors use tonnes of water per second to cool the reactors. 
  • We have no proven method for managing long-lived radioactive waste: high-level radioactive waste from commercial reactors must be isolated for up to 100,000 years.
  • We have better alternatives that are renewable and ready: renewables are cheaper, cleaner and faster. 

If you would prefer to send a pre-written email to your Coalition Member, you can do so on this page.