Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s address to the COP26 World Leaders Summit was a four-minute defence of the government’s inadequate plan to reach net zero by 2050. 

The lack of applause in the room immediately after Mr Morrison’s speech said it all – world leaders aren’t buying it.

“To arrive at the world’s most important climate conference without a plan to halve emissions, at the very least, by 2030 is nothing to boast about,” said ACF Climate Manager Gavan McFadzean.

“There’s so much to be hopeful about here at Glasgow. There is innovation and clean technology which would stop runaway climate change.

“But the Australia Government has its head stuck in the sand and refuses to accept that the world is rapidly shifting away from coal and gas.

“The increase in Australia’s $2 billion commitment to climate finance is welcome, but it will achieve little to assist developing countries mitigate and adapt to climate change when Australia’s refuses to cut its addiction to fossil fuels.

“We know a majority of Australians, in every federal seat, wants to see stronger climate action this decade.

“A switched-on government would listen to its constituents, and the science, to do more to limit climate damage.”

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