These Terms and Conditions provide the basis for conducting a fundraising activity on behalf of the Australian Conservation Foundation (“ACF”).

These Terms and Conditions will form the basis of any dealings between ACF and you ("the fundraiser") in relation to fundraising activities.

Fundraising activity is only authorised to commence when ACF has approved the fundraiser’s application. Once approved, the fundraiser will be provided with an authority to fundraise letter or confirmation email.

Any information collected by ACF as part of your application will be handled in accordance with ACF’s Privacy Statement.

Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully.

Acceptable community fundraising activities

Under this agreement, acceptable fundraising activities may include:

  • Challenge events (E.g. Asking your friends and family to sponsor you to run a marathon, or as part of ACF's Australia's Biggest Bushwalk or Night Out For Nature fundraising events)
  • Celebrations (E.g. Asking for donations to ACF in lieu of gifts for a birthday or wedding)
  • Hosted events (E.g. a bake sale or morning tea / a car-wash / a band night, gig or performance)
  • Business fundraisers (E.g. donate $x for every product sold, or a percentage of profits each month to support ACF) may be acceptable to ACF.  Please contact ACF’s Community Fundraising team to discuss your proposed business fundraising activity.

The following must not be conducted by community fundraisers for ACF:

  • Telemarketing;
  • Door-knocking;
  • Open bucket collections;
  • Violent or dangerous activities;
  • Activities using animals or animal rides;
  • The sale or promotion of tobacco products or illegal drugs;
  • Any activity not consistent with ACF’s vision and values (at the discretion of ACF).

If the fundraiser is unsure if the proposed activity reflects any of the above activities, contact ACF’s Community Fundraising team by phone (1800 223 669) or email.

Fundraisers and fundraising activities must be based in Australia, unless otherwise authorised by ACF. ACF welcomes fundraisers of all ages but fundraisers under the age of 18 need to provide parental or guardian consent.

Transparency and Representation

All materials supporting fundraising for ACF must clearly state where the money raised will go. For example, ‘Proudly raising funds to support the work of the Australian Conservation Foundation Incorporated’.

The fundraiser must be clear in all their communications with the public, sponsors and supporters that, whilst they are part of the ACF community they do not represent ACF in a formal sense. The fundraiser is raising funds that will be provided to ACF to support its advocacy work.

ACF logo and name

The fundraiser is not permitted to use the logo of ACF without written approval from ACF. Approvals are given on a case-by-case basis. Once approved an appropriate logo will be sent to the fundraiser from ACF.

Fundraisers can be authorised to use and/or include the wording ‘Proudly supporting…’ or ‘Proudly raising funds for…’ on fundraising materials.

ACF can also provide existing promotional materials to the fundraiser to enhance the fundraising activity.

Use of images

ACF reserves the right to use photographs or other information you provide from the event to be published online or in publications.


The database of ACF supporters will not be available for the promotion of the fundraisers' activity. ACF staff are unable to assist with publicity and promotion of the activity, soliciting prizes or providing goods and services to assist in the running of the fundraisers' activity.

The fundraiser must only use the online fundraising platforms that have been approved by ACF from time to time.

Banking the funds raised

The fundraiser must hold and take responsibility for the secure and safe keeping of all money raised until the activity is complete (unless using an online fundraising platform provided by ACF such as Climb It For Climate or Night Out For Nature). A record of the funds raised must be sent to ACF within 14 days of the activity being completed.

Please use one of the following channels to donate the funds raised within 30 days after the completion of the fundraising activity. ACF discourages the fundraiser from sending cash donations in the mail.


Mail (Cheques only) or In Person

Australian Conservation Foundation Limited
Community Fundraising Team
Level 1, 60 Leicester Street
Phone 1800 223 669 (free) or 03 9345 1111
EFT Deposit By request using details above or by emailing [email protected]
Online Make your donation online


Donations over $2 are tax-deductible, however not all funds raised via community fundraising will qualify as a ‘donation’ by law and therefore cannot be issued a tax receipt.

For example, if the fundraiser was selling event tickets, raffle tickets and/or auction items as a mechanism to raise funds for ACF – even though the money from these items will be donated to ACF – these purchases cannot attract a tax-deductible receipt as the event attendee / purchaser is receiving something in return for their purchase.

Fundraisers who collect cash donations during their fundraising activity regretfully are not authorised to provide a receipt to the donor for tax-deduction purposes, and ACF is not able to manually process individual receipts.

If the fundraiser has set up a fundraising page online to accept donations (I.e. through Grassrootz, GoFundraise, MyCause etc) these third-party platforms are authorised to issue tax-deductible receipts on behalf of ACF. For every donation made on the fundraiser’s webpage, they will automatically receive a tax-deductible receipt.

Fundraisers who collect pooled cash donations as part of a community fundraising activity and provide these to ACF will receive a written acknowledgement of funds received but this will not be in the form of a receipt that the fundraiser can use for tax-deduction purposes.

Regulatory requirements

All financial records related to the fundraising activity need to be kept for seven (7) years, according to government requirements (unless using an online fundraising platform provided by ACF such as Night Out For Nature). Full records of the activity must be returned to ACF no later than 14 days after the event for auditing purposes.

Fundraisers need to comply with any obligations under applicable legislation and/or regulations in the State or Territory in which they are conducting their fundraising activity. You may be responsible for organising permits, licenses, insurance or obtaining an authority to fundraise where necessary for fundraising activities such as raffles or competitions (this excludes permits for door to door and public coin collections which are organised by ACF at the point of registration).

This information will be available from your state government or local council and obtaining these permits is the responsibility of the Fundraiser and not ACF. For all gaming, trading, racing, licensing, promotional and fundraising requirements, please check legislation by contacting your State’s gaming/racing/gambling office.

ACF cannot provide legal advice on these matters.

At own cost and self-funding

Fundraisers will not incur any expenses in the name of ACF and ensure that the fundraising activity will be self-funded and all related invoices are paid for by the fundraiser. Expenses should not exceed 50% of the total funds raised.

The fundraiser must maintain and provide an accurate and complete statement of income and expenditure along with copies of receipts for all expenditure. These must be retained for at least 12 months after the activity.

At own risk and indemnity

The fundraiser is not an ACF employee or agent of ACF, nor are they acting in any other representative capacity. The fundraiser is responsible for all fundraising activities and do so at their own risk. It is the responsibility of the fundraiser to ensure the safety of themselves and any attendee of their fundraising event, including providing first aid services if they are needed.

ACF will not be liable for any injury, damage or loss sustained as a result of any fundraising activities. The fundraiser is not covered by ACF’s public liability insurance. Any liability insurance required needs to be provided by the fundraiser or the venue/s hired for activities.

The fundraiser agrees to release to ACF to the fullest extent permissible under law for all claims and demands of any kind associated with a fundraising activity, and indemnify ACF for all liability or costs that may arise in respect to any damage, loss or injury occurring to any person in any way associated with the activity caused by their breach of these responsibilities or negligence.


Generally speaking, an authority to fundraise will be issued for 6 or 12 months, however ACF reserves the right to withdraw the approval / authority to fundraise at any time at its discretion.

If the fundraiser needs to suspend or cancel an activity or event for unforeseen reasons, all ACF property and profits need to be forwarded to ACF within 14 days of notification of cancellation.