Take part in three easy steps. Jump ahead to a particular step:

  1. Grab a sign
  2. Take a photo
  3. Post it on social media – on Thursday 14 April at 11am AEST

Climate damage is here, now, but we have the solutions to address it.

The latest report from the world's top climate scientists says we must urgently abandon fossil fuels to slash pollution and avert climate chaos.

That means ramping up ready to go solutions, like clean energy from the sun and wind to power our homes and cars and buses, and protecting and restoring nature so it thrives and stores carbon.

On Thursday 14 April, hundreds of people across the country will post photos of their #ClimateActionNow signs on social media.

With our help, we can make climate solutions visible to our decision makers and demand that they take action to slash pollution this critical decade.

Step one: Grab a sign

Download and print or make your own #ClimateActionNow sign. 

It's best to print in colour to show off that bright, visible yellow.

There's lots of ways to make your own sign. The more creative, the better – and eye-catching. Here are some of our favourite ideas and tips:

  • Recycle some cardboard and use colourful textas to write a big #ClimateActionNow message
  • Open a paint can and apply your brush to a vase, gate, shed, garden chair – or just a regular, old sign!
  • Grab some chalk and make your driveway or footpath colourful 
  • Go into nature and write your #ClimateActionNow message in the sand, spell it out with leaves
  • Download a #ClimateActionNow graphic that is ready to be posted on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Story
  • Make tiny protest signs like you were at a rally from toothpicks and little bits of paper, and add a message, like 'There is no Planet B'.
  • Add a drawing to your sign, like what a safe climate future looks like to you
  • Incorporate yellow so we present a strong, united visual call all over social media
web-can-sign-cardboard2.jpg web-can-sign-print1.jpg
web-can-sign-green-fence-0422.jpg web-can-sign-green-fence-0422.jpg

Step two:
 Take a photo

Put your sign or message somewhere attention-grabbing then take a snap.

Ideally, this is somewhere you can leave the sign so people see it for weeks to come.

Once you have picked your spot, make sure you have good natural light and take a few photos, so you can pick the best one to post later. If you like editing photos, 1200 x 1200 pixel (square) images look best on social media.

Again, let your imagination run wild. The more inventive your photo, the more engagement you’ll get on social media.

Some places to put your sign, and ways to take your photo:

  • The front of your house. Place your sign in a street-facing window, hang it on your fence, slap it on your mailbox or front door, pop it in your front garden. Passers-by will see your sign in all these places.
  • A place in nature you love. It can be a national park or a local park. This is a great way to show our natural world that is both a climate solution – and in need of climate action now to be protected.
  • With a selfie. Simple and effective. Put a human face to a cause that is about protecting people, and ensuring we all have a safe future.
  • With your friends and family. We want to show the community support for climate action, so grabbing a few friends for a photo opportunity is a great, and fun, way to do that.
web-can-sign-white-fence-0422.jpg web-can-sign-david.jpg
web-can-sign-cardboard3.png web-can-sign-print2.jpg


Step three: Post it on social media

It's important that we do this step together on Thursday 14 April, 11am AEST (10.30AM in SA and NT, 9AM in WA). So let's hold fire on posting until then! That way our collective voices can combine all at once and gain serious traction on social media.

If you're posting content about #ClimateActionNow before Thursday, try and save one special image for the big moment so we can post all together at once!

Trending on social media at key moments can help put the spotlight on critical issues, while getting creative and having a bit of fun. Like when we made #PlushieProtest the number one trending topic on Twitter!

This is what to add in your post:

  • Your best #ClimateActionNow sign photo
  • A message about what climate action now looks like and why we need it. For example, you might like to complete a sentence like: “#ClimateActionNow looks like…” or “I want #ClimateActionNow because…
  • The hashtag #ClimateActionNow – this is the crucial ingredient to get our issue trending
  • Tag the major party leaders Scott Morrison (@ScottMorrisonMP) and Anthony Albanese (@AlboMP) so they see our signs and messages for #ClimateActionNow


Tips for posting on social media

We encourage you to post on all social media accounts you use, but please prioritise posting on Twitter. It’s where decision makers and media keep up with the big issues of the hour, and where we can combine our power and get attention on #ClimateActionNow.

If you’re not on Twitter here is a simple guide to getting started.

You can tag the major party leaders across most social media. Just type in the following ‘handles’ into your post to find them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram:

  • @ScottMorrisonMP
  • @AlboMP

In addition you may want to tag your local federal MP, so they see the community support for #ClimateActionNow in your local area and across Australia.

You can also tag ACF and Together We Can in your posts so we can track our collective impact, and reshare posts.

  • Twitter: @AusConservation @TogetherWeCanOz
  • Facebook: @AustralianConservationFoundation @TogetherWeCanOz
  • Instagram: @ausconservation @TogetherWeCanOz

Tips for writing your message

The caption that accompanies your photo is a great way to bring more visibility to the great climate solutions we have – and spell out that ramping up the solutions is what #ClimateActionNow looks like!

You may also like to add your city or town, so we show that people from all over the country are behind this.

You could include a message like:

  • #ClimateActionNow looks like protecting and restoring nature to cut pollution and save critical habitat
  • #ClimateActionNow looks like putting solar on the roofs of our schools, libraries, community halls and hospitals
  • #ClimateActionNow looks like clean energy from the sun and wind to power the way we move, from our cars to our buses to our electric bikes

Together We Can ramp up climate solutions

Join more than 20,000 people across Australia raising their voice with the Together We Can movement, so we can surround our next government with a cross-section of voices calling for climate solutions that slash pollution now! 

Join the movement!