To contact individual Councillors, you can contact them via email. Addresses are written as [email protected]


Stephen Lightfoot 

Stephen is a doctor who brings to Council a medical perspective on the importance of nature for our physical and mental health. Stephen combines his medical expertise with a strong interest in sustainable healthcare, experience in NGO governance, including previous terms on ACF Council, and extensive community engagement. Stephen is passionate about protecting our natural places and a healthy environment, ensuring that both nature and Australian communities can thrive.

Jonathan King 

Jonathan is an environmentalist, a political scientist, author, multi-media journalist, lecturer and film and event producer, with environmental campaigning experience. He has served previous terms on the ACF Council and Board and is actively involved in other organisations in the sector. Jonathan is a strong advocate for phasing out fossil fuels, stopping coal and gas production, and fast-tracking clean energy from sun, wind and waves.



Shar Molloy 

Shar Molloy is the Co-Director of the Environment Centre NT and has led the organisation since 2017. Shar has over 25 years working in environmental organisations and her qualifications are in finance, management, governance, mediation and campaigning. Shar has served on the board of the Environmental Defenders Office (NT) and is currently a Board member of the Darwin Asylum Seeker Support and Advocacy Network (DASSAN). Shar designed and delivered the 10GW Vision in collaboration with Beyond Zero Emissions, and the successful and award-winning Repower NT campaign in 2020, which changed the conversation about renewable energy in the Northern Territory.

Jade Kudrenko 

Jade has worked in Land Management roles in Central Australia for 20 years and has highly specialised knowledge in supporting First Nations people to care for country. Her expertise includes integration of best practice scientific principles with Indigenous Ecological Knowledges within large scale environmental projects. Jade understands the challenges faced in Central Australia and is strongly focused on the protection of desert communities and environment.



David Hood 

David is a civil and environmental engineer and a trained climate leader with Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project. David is an Adjunct Professor at the University of Queensland, where he teaches Sustainability in Engineering Architecture and IT Faculty. He was made a Member of the Order of Australia in 2013 in recognition of his contribution to engineering through industry and professional associations, and for lifting public awareness of sustainability.


Revel Pointon 

Revel is a Senior Law Reform Solicitor with the Environmental Defenders Office (EDO) QLD, working on law and policy reform, advocacy and advice, and on climate change litigation. She has extensive experience in community empowerment, providing community groups and citizens across South East Queensland and the North Queensland coast with workshops, presentations and advices about how to use or change the law to better protect the environment.

Narelle McCarthy 

Narelle has been actively involved in conservation, natural resource management, sustainability, environmental activism and related fields for the past 15 years. She combines extensive experience in environment-related legal matters, with broad advocacy across community, industry, academia and government. Narelle is committed to being effective in protecting the environment and is passionate about seizing opportunities to protect nature and wildlife through laws, clean energy investment and transition, and sustainable development.



Leon Cermak 

Leon has worked in policy roles in energy, climate change and sustainability. Currently working at Tesla across VPP and DER policy and programs, Leon has extensive knowledge of energy systems, economics and finance. Prior to joining Tesla, Leon worked in various ministerial, policy and political roles across state and federal government. Leon is passionate about ensuring that the transition to sustainable energy is socially equitable and that Australia leads the world in supporting nature. Leon has been an ACF Councillor since 2018, is a BA (Public Policy), MBA, GCM and AICD graduate. He lives and works on Kaurna land.


Susan Richardson 

Sue is a semi-retired economist, currently serving as a Professor at Flinders University and an Expert Panel member of the Fair Work Commission. She has been a member of the National Sustainability Council and the President of the Academy of Social Sciences in Australia. She takes solace in the natural environment and is a keen sailor.

Jessi Hargrave 

Jessi is an Environmental Engineer who assists businesses to meet international standards for environmental management and manage environmental risks. Jessi has a strong interest in the power of individuals to influence change within large organisations and is passionate about ensuring a balance between economic and environmental risks for inter-generational equality. Jessi is excited about the ability of Australia to be a green leader for the world.


Martyn Summers 

Martyn has worked in environmental management for over 30 years and been a campaigner on climate change for the past 15 years. Most recently, Martyn has worked on the junction between workers and climate change. With expertise in field campaigns and experience in corporate Australia in mining and construction, Martyn’s passion is the balance of environment and social equity.

Joana Cubillos 

Joana is a Chilean migrant, who fell in love with Tasmania’s natural environment 21 years ago. Joana has been an organiser and promoter of cultural cohesion and Latin America Culture in Tasmania and, along with facilitating cultural events, aims to add an environmental connection for her community. Joana is keen to see the policy change that is paramount to creating a thriving clean economy and stopping environmental degradation.


Liz Reen 

Liz has training in both physical sciences and Information Technology, and worked for over 25 years in the water industry. She combines a strong interest in the science of environmental issues with an active approach to advocacy, community engagement and politics. Since retiring, Liz has held a leadership role in ACF’s Chisholm Community Group. An active environmentalist since the 1970s, Liz looks forward to a sustainable world where humans live happily and comfortably within the limits of our planet.

Melanie Birtchnell 

Melanie has worked in diverse areas of Ecology for over 20 years. Amongst this, Melanie completed a PhD in landscape-scale flowering ecology based on observational (qualitative and quantitative) data. Melanie is a consultant, providing professional mentoring and development services for ecologists and biodiversity planners as well as consulting on threatened species conservation. She has extensive experience in research; professional development training and facilitation; consulting; education; biodiversity planning; and community engagement, and is a recognised leader in environmental advocacy. Melanie is passionate about connecting people and place, and in systems change that increases communities’ ability to be effective changemakers. 

Kate Noble 

Kate is a policy and communications specialist with over 20 years’ experience in international development, politics, academia and the military. Kate holds a Master of International Relations and a Bachelor of Journalism, and her expertise includes plastic pollution, governance, human rights and equity. Kate has a strong interest in engaging ordinary Australians in a unified force for climate action and conservation.


Bronwyn Campbell 

Bronwyn’s expertise is in developing resource projects and her background is in sustainability, carbon markets and advocacy. Bronwyn brings to Council understanding and experience of the importance of breaking down the barriers to collaboration with big emitters in industry. Her driving passion is to create the sustainable world that can be achieved when the resources sector is committed and at the table with solutions-based thinking.


Sarah English

Sarah has led campaigns and communications in environmental, human rights, and political organisations for fifteen years, working with both grassroots groups and national organisations like Amnesty International and GetUp. Sarah is an advocate for a fast and fair transition to renewable energy in order to address the climate and nature crises, generate jobs and affordable energy, and prevent further damage to First Nations sites. Sarah has served on the ACF Council since 2018, and was elected to the Board in 2022.