UPDATE: Toondah Harbour saved! After a five-year battle by ACF Bayside and the Toondah Alliance, Walker Corporation officially withdrew their application for development on Toondah Harbour in April 2024.

A crowd of more than 2,500 concerned citizens has sent a clear signal that plans for a high-rise apartment complex on sensitive wetlands at Toondah Harbour are not welcome.

The proposed marina and apartment complex, the largest in the Redlands’ history, would see 3,600 units built in multiple high-rise towers on 100 acres of internationally-renowned Ramsar wetlands in the Moreton Bay Marine Park at Toondah Harbour, Cleveland.

Moreton Bay is home to an array of precious species like koalas, dugongs, sea turtles and is a crucial stopover for the critically endangered eastern curlew on their 6,000 kilometre migratory journey.

Birds not Buildings, Extinction is Forever, Save our Bay and Climate Action Now were some of the most popular slogans among the crowd at today’s march.

Gardening Australia’s Jerry Coleby-Williams, who joined the walk, said: “If you want to support climate repair or to conserve biodiversity, mangroves and seagrass meadows are already working hard to achieve both. Let’s acknowledge their value to our society and keep Toondah Harbour wild and working so Australia fulfils it zero emissions target.”

Tania Kromoloff, from the Australian Conservation Foundation’s Bayside community group, said: “Our community surveys show 85% of locals are opposed to this proposal and fear its impact on the birds and wildlife in the Moreton Bay Marine Park and a local healthy koala colony.”

The local conservation groups are now waiting for the release of the development’s Environmental Impact Statement which they will scrutinise and submit submissions opposing the controversial development.

Header pic of dugongs in Toondah Harbour by Nikki Michail

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