Sharon is a member of the ACF Bramble Bay community and has devised 'Better Ideas for a Billion Dollars', a powerful creative action to pressure MPs to reconsider their proposed $1 billion loan to coal giant Adani. 

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I literally woke up one morning thinking, “If everyone could spend $1 billion on something beneficial, what would they fund? Certainly not a loan to a billionaire for a coal mine.” I searched for Australian icons, played with the cheque format, and voila!

Cheque for a billion dollars from the People's Bank of Better IdeasI’m really new to acting on climate change and getting involved with environment issues. Mostly I have volunteered behind the scenes as a graphic designer because going to rallies and speaking with members of parliament was ‘uncomfortable’. But this issue – this mine – and all the problems around it just don’t stack up if we want our planet to be in good shape for generations to come.

I am a part of the ACF Bramble Bay group that formed after the recent ACF Convergence. It is full of wonderful people, many of whom are passionate about our native plants and animals but new to the issues around the Adani Carmichael coal mine.

A stand-out moment for me was sharing stories and ideas with Rachel Apelt from the ACF Moreton Bay group. Rachel is a visual artist and she has produced a vibrant range of #StopAdani postcards targeting Queensland politicians and their portfolios.

Her fun approach to engage with people visually is probably what inspired my $1 billion cheque idea. I think the marriage of old-school petition meets fun design allows this activity to become very personal.

Sharon at March for Science with her cheques

Sharon at the March for Science with her cheques

I’ve taken the cheques to events including the recent March for Science and I've had wonderful reactions and conversations. People are against the mine but outraged by the proposed $1 billion federal loan.

I have collected just over 200 completed cheques, with further face-to-face opportunities coming up. My plan is to do up a small report and look at the suggestion trends and where they have come from by the end of the financial year. The idea of delivering a huge bunch of cheques and a list of better ideas to PM Turnbull is very exciting.

Sharon with the big cheque for a billion dollars

These giant cheques will be used at events outside MP offices to let them know we don't want a billion dollars of public money going into Adani's pocket.

Sharon's Better Idea's campaign took off getting over 1500 better idea submissions. Read Sharon's report on the better idea submissions. In early September, Sharon is traveling to Canberra to present the better ideas for a billion dollars to elected representatives.

Sharon France

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