Woodside's Browse and North West Shelf extension gas proposals in WA are climate, nature and First Nations cultural disasters, but their survival hinges on our Environment Minister's approval. Let's convince the Minister to block Woodside's dangerous gas expansion plans!

Write your personalised letter to Environment Minister Tanya Plibersek now and urge her to:

  1. Reject Woodside's Browse and North West Shelf gas extension proposals, and
  2. Protect the ecologically significant Scott Reef, ancient Murjuga rock art and our climate.

Murujuga rock carvings date back at least fifty thousand years, and include the first recorded image of a human face! The proposed gas wells, plants and pipelines tread over songlines, and risk destroying ancient Murujuga rock art on land and underwater. 

Additional writing tips

  • Briefly introduce who you are and why Woodside's proposals concern you.
  • Ask the Minister to reject Woodside's Browse gas and North West Shelf extension proposals.
  • Thank the Minister and her staff for taking the time to read and respond.

You may also like to include some of the following as reasons why Woodside's proposals should be rejected:

  • Browse gas project: 
    • The Browse gas field is in one of the richest marine environments in the world that many species of whales, turtles and pods of dolphins call home.
    • Woodside’s project would drill 54 gas wells into and around the ecologically significant Scott Reef and construct a 900-km-long underwater pipeline to send the gas onshore, threatening marine habitat.
    • Woodside assesses that any gas and condensate spill from a well blowout, vessel rupture or ship collision at its Browse operation would directly risk 39 threatened animals. The risk to nature is too high. 
  • North West Shelf extension: 
    • Woodside’s proposal to extend the North West Shelf gas processing plant until 2070 will lock Australia into burning climate-wrecking gas into the atmosphere for decades.
    • The plant's impact on nearby Murujuga rock carvings dating back at least fifty thousand years, including the first recorded image of a human face has led to a Senate Inquiry and drawn concern from Murujuga Traditional Owners. 
    • Woodside's proposal includes having no restrictions on where the gas its plant processes can come from, which could open the door to fracking the Kimberley. 
  • Burrup Hub:
    • Both Browse and the North West Shelf extension are components of Woodside’s Burrup Hub, the most polluting new coal, gas or oil proposal in the Southern Hemisphere. Burrup would have lifetime emissions of more than 13 times Australia's annual emissions.
    • The Burrup Hub would bring significant climate harm to oceans and bushland Australia-wide.
    • Approving either the Browse gas or the North West Shelf extension proposal would get Woodside one step closer to building its Burrup Hub climate bomb.

For more detail, check out our report: Woodside’s Burrup Hub carbon bomb in perspective.