Oil rigs on the Great Barrier Reef? A dam on the Franklin River? Without federal oversight, these proposals would have gone ahead.

But while everyone’s distracted by the pandemic, the Morrison Government is trying to rush through disastrous changes to our environment laws.

Last week they introduced amendments into Parliament to hand over approval powers to states and territories. And they want to do it fast, without transparency or scrutiny – before the independent review of our nature law is even complete.

We won’t stand for this. It’s time for national laws that actually protect nature – with an independent regulator to enforce them.

We’ve united with five of Australia’s biggest environment groups to launch a huge advertising campaign the Morrison Government can’t ignore. Our message will be across TV screens, billboards and digital: protect nature before it’s gone.

Watch our hard-hitting ad now before it hits TV screens, billboards and digital ads. 

This is a critical moment to highlight Australia’s extinction crisis and the need for stronger laws that actually protect nature – before it’s gone.

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If thousands of people share the ad, we can reach hundreds of thousands more people through social media, driving huge awareness and action. 

Basha Stasak

Nature Program Manager