Australia's natural advantage

With our abundant sun, wind and access to critical minerals like lithium and copper, we can power our lives and our industries with renewable energy and have enough to sell to other countries. Australia has one of the highest potentials for renewables in the world. Our renewable output could meet our energy demand 400 times over, using only 0.1% of our total land mass.

“I always thought the sun rises every day, we’ve got this endless source of energy, it’s crazy we’re not making the most of it.” 


Nathan Berryman, Foreman at Energy Renaissance

Job stability in renewable energy

Analysis shows that if Australia harnessed its renewable energy opportunity, our economy could add:

  • over $100 billion in value
  • and over 400,000 good, reliable jobs in renewable industry and manufacturing by 2040.

In the next decade, coal and gas-related jobs are set to drop by 6,000 or more than 50%, but the growth in renewables jobs can outpace this decline.

Demand for skilled labour in large-scale renewable energy is forecast to double from around 12,500 jobs in 2022 to 25,000 in 2027.

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“It's a stable future for me, it's a good opportunity to set myself up.” 

“Friends of mine still working in the mines are worried about what the future holds, and how long of a career they have left to go in that industry” 


Renewables are a big growing industry. The whole world is going in this direction, and I want to be a part of it.”

What are renewable exports?

Renewable exports are a broad range of products and services powered by renewable energy that can be used in Australia and sold to our trading partners overseas, including:

  • Renewable hydrogen and ammonia
  • Critical minerals mining and refining
  • Green metals
  • Battery production
  • Education and training
  • Engineering, ICT and consulting services

The 2023 Sunshot analysis found by 2040, Australia could achieve:

  • $121b critical minerals revenue
  • $96b green iron & steel revenue
  • $39b battery supply-chain revenue
  • $32b green hydrogen & ammonia revenue
  • $26b green alumina & aluminium revenue.

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Building a renewable energy industry that is good for the environment

If you care about nature, renewable energy is the way to go.

Climate change is one of the biggest threats to Australia's wildlife, beaches and bush.

Replacing coal and gas with wind and solar creates a stable climate where nature thrives. This means powering everything we can – our homes, transport, cities, farms, manufacturing, industries and exports – with renewables.

Well-designed renewable energy projects are built on already disturbed or cleared land, close to metropolitan and regional infrastructure hubs, away from precious wildlife habitats and protected parks and reserves.

"The environment wasn’t my main motivation but imagine if everyone’s job had a positive impact on the environment."

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How the energy transition is working for communities

Geelong’s Big Battery

Inclusive hiring, training and fair wages at Geelong Big Battery Construction firm UGL completed the Geelong Big Battery on time & budget while engaging a diverse workforce and delivering training & apprenticeship opportunities under wages & conditions negotiated with the Electrical Trades Union. ‘Top up’ labour during peak periods was sourced via a local contracting business with a union agreement, further benefiting local workers & the community.

WA’s first steel mill: Collie Green Steel Mill

The Collie green steel recycling mill will use an electric arc furnace powered by renewable energy, turning scrap steel from Western Australia into rebars for domestic use and export.

The plant will abate 800kt of CO2e per year, create 200 long-term jobs in the area, and up to 2000 indirect jobs. The project is in the advanced stages of development and is expected to begin operations in 2026.

This is partly a result of Collie’s Just Transition plan which has brought together industry, community, unions and government to maximise opportunities for Collie as it transitions from a coal-based community.

Recyclable battery manufacturing in the Hunter Valley

Energy Renaissance is an innovator in Australia's clean-tech sector, making simple, safe, Australian recyclable batteries and tech, designed to withstand the harsh conditions of remote Australia. Energy Renaissance focuses on local sourcing where 92% of battery components are Australian, driving economic development and job creation in the Hunter region. Beyond employment, the operation promotes diversity with special initiatives for indigenous inclusion and gender equality.