Last financial year, our federal government handed out $9.77 billion to climate-wrecking fossil fuel industries. That’s $18,588 a minute.

Our climate is heating up to dangerous levels, we must put pressure on the Treasurer to end these handouts now – write a unique message to him now.

People power works. Last year, thousands of us in the ACF community called on the Australian Government to end handouts for international coal and gas handouts – then the government listened and did what we asked.

We must keep speaking up to end the billions of dollars of fossil fuel handouts here in Australia, especially now in the leadup to May's federal budget

There are better things we can spend public money on – like climate solutions, protecting and restoring nature, health, education, cost of living relief, First Nations justice and more.

What to include in your email

Write to Treasurer Jim Chalmers and ask him to:

  • Stop handouts to coal and gas companies
  • Invest in creating the renewable energy supply we need to phase out climate-wrecking coal and gas this decade and create jobs of the future.

Together, let’s demand that the Treasurer spends our public money on things that help us, not hurt us.