Labor was elected with big promises to protect the nature we love and depend on – nature that is in dangerous decline, and needs us to act now.

With the bush, wetlands, wildlife and reefs that sustain us being destroyed at a rapid rate, we must turn things around together, now, so people and wildlife can thrive.

Use these talking points to write your welcome email to new Environment Minister Tanya Plibersek. With respect and optimism, let’s turn the hope and promises of a new government into incredible change for nature.

  • Introduce yourself, and explain why protecting and restoring nature matters to you – be as specific and local as you like!
  • Explain your concern for nature, why you think it’s in trouble, e.g. the Great Barrier Reef and the Murray Darling River system are reaching dangerous tipping points of damage.
  • Encourage the new government to act quickly on their promises as the first steps to incredible change for nature:
    • Deliver strong nature laws that actually protect nature, stop destruction of wetlands, forests, and rivers, and restore habitat and wildlife
    • Create an Environment Protection Agency to enforce these laws
    • Lead on ambitious global goals for nature that halt biodiversity destruction, end extinction and protect 30% of land and seas by 2030.

When nature thrives, we thrive – thanks for standing together for our living world.