We've pre-written a message for you to forward to the Prime Minister, demanding he act now to stop Woodside and Santos from trashing our climate. Just add your email address and a subject then hit send.

What's the issue?

Climate destruction is here, now. Extreme fires, floods, heatwaves, droughts and storms are hitting Australian communities and wildlife with more force, more often.

Gas giants Woodside and Santos are driving this damage.

Woodside and Santos are the biggest Australian-owned climate polluters. Their gas is fuelling extreme weather and pushing Regent honeyeaters, Greater gliders and Southern corroboree frogs to the brink of extinction. Their massive gas expansion plans will fuel the destruction to devastating new levels.

Woodside, Santos and all fossil fuel companies are wrecking our climate and destroying Australian nature to chase profits. They must be stopped.

What's the solution?

The Prime Minister can and must show leadership to stop companies like Woodside and Santos from trashing our climate and destroying nature.

We need him to act now and:

  • End all coal, oil and gas pollution in Australia to stop Woodside and Santos from heating our climate to dangerous levels.
  • Reform our nature laws so that they are strong enough to protect wildlife from Woodside and Santos-fuelled climate destruction.

Forward the letter to the Prime Minister demanding that he act now.

Together, with persistence, we can push for and the change we need to protect what we love – our children, forests, rivers and wildlife.

What's in the letter?

The letter you will forward to the Prime Minister demands four actions from him:

  1. Reforming our national laws so they are strong, with an independent regulator to enforce them so that all of Australia’s amazing places and wildlife are safeguarded from companies like Woodside and Santos profiting from their destruction. Australia’s nature laws have been too weak for too long and fail to protect our oceans, grasslands, trees, dugongs and all living things that call Australia home.
  2. Ending all new coal, gas and oil approvals in Australia. We cannot afford any projects that will make climate damage even worse.
  3. Ending all handouts to coal, gas and oil in Australia. Our public money should not be spent on projects that make climate damage worse.
  4. Investing in and creating a renewable export and manufacturing industry that can replace all coal, gas, oil and uranium exports in Australia this decade. This is critical to slashing pollution, ensuring future prosperity and creating new career pathways in our regions for fossil fuel workers and the next generation of workers.