Thanks to all of the campaigners, organisers, grassroots leaders and volunteers involved in our movement, we have learned a lot about what keeps groups healthy and impactful. If you’re keen to learn more, check out the resources for improving your group health.

Nature teaches us that seasonality is part of life; there are periods of harvest and abundance just as there are times to prepare for wet weather and bunkering down. We understand that adapting to the seasonal fluctuations of your group and group needs means you might need extra support from us.

It can be particularly helpful having someone external to your group to help support during rough patches or periods of flux within a group. For this reason, the Group Health Coordinator is a defined person at ACF (as part of the Fellowship Program) who is ready and willing to support groups. You will be offered a facilitated Group Health Workshop as part of the Group Health Survey - it is from there that Britta will arrange a time and date for this Workshop.