Plans to build a rocket launching facility in a nature reserve at Whalers Way, South Australia, could blast away the Eyre Peninsula Southern Emu-wrens narrowing hopes of survival.

This tiny, endangered bird has very few pockets of habitat left, and as few as 750 individuals remain in the wild today. Whalers Way's stunning limestone cliffs and coastal heath are one of its most important remaining homes. It’s no place to build launching pads, bunkers and blast walls to fire rockets into space.

Send the pre-written submission to save the Eyre Peninsula’s Southern Emu-wren from further habitat destruction, and say no to launching rockets in critical threatened species habitat.

The consultation period closes soon on Friday 2 February.

With the project in the late stages of assessment we must call out Southern Launch’s destructive project, and urge Environment Minister Tanya Plibersek to back up her government’s pledge to end extinction with action.


Banner image: Limestone cliffs at Whalers Way, Eyre Peninsula. Credit: Bette Devine