Last week was a huge one, for ACF and our allies all over the country. Read on for the powerful impact we made during our #ClimateActionNow week of action!

On Thursday, thousands of us all over the country posted photos of #ClimateActionNow signs to social media – and together we made #ClimateActionNow a nationally trending topic on Twitter.

We also made a big splash on Facebook and Instagram. And we tagged the major party leaders and our local MPs to make sure they noticed the huge community demand for #ClimateActionNow.

Check out some of the fantastic photos and signs.

This was one incredible day in a huge week of action!

Across the week, 500+ people took their pack of #ClimateActionNow signs and stickers and got creative handing out signs and stickers in their community.

From Katoomba (NSW) to Blackwood (SA), from Moe (VIC) to Fremantle (WA), incredible community members plastered neighbourhoods with an undeniable call for climate action – starting crucial conversations with friends, family and local businesses in the process!

Since the middle of last year (when ACF and allies started distributing #ClimateActionNow packs) we have distributed a whopping 35,000 signs and stickers. That’s a clear message to decision makers that they need to ramp up clean energy and nature solutions for a safer and healthier future for all of us!

Assorted #ClimateActionNow photos all across the country! Photos: Bren (Burt electorate, WA), Margi (Cairns, QLD), Agnes (Boothby electorate, SA) and anonymous.

But that’s not all that happened last week!

Dozens of ACF Community group members, volunteer fellows, and staff got involved too, with actions last Tuesday in Box Hill (VIC), Bondi (NSW) and Paddington (QLD).

We handed out over 3000 flyers with localised climate poll results, showing just how many people in that electorate want stronger climate action (spoiler: it’s a lot! Check out the poll results for your local area on the Together We Can website.)

Volunteers and staff at Bondi (NSW), Paddington (QLD) and Box Hill (VIC) for the ACF #ClimateActionNow day of action.

And (you guessed it!) that’s still not all.

Our friends at Climate Action Network Australia (CANA) raised their voices alongside us, with their national day of action on Saturday 9 April.

Volunteers knocked on hundreds of doors in Brisbane, Cairns and Far North Queensland, and held market stalls in New England (NSW) and Burt (WA) electorates. They distributed thousands of #ClimateActionNow signs and stickers, including the Together We Can partners’ Big Climate Picnic in Reid (NSW) electorate, which attracted 500 locals and got covered by the Daily Telegraph! Incredible!

Conservation Council Western Australia (CCWA) action on Saturday 9 April

With a federal election four weeks away, there’s never been a more important time to show our political candidates just how many of us support strong climate action.

Thank you for joining the #ClimateActionNow week of action – we hoped for a bright, loud, powerful week and you absolutely made that happen!

Want to get involved? Order a free #ClimateActionNow pack (that's 15 signs and 5 stickers) and we'll deliver it in 2-3 weeks. 


Header: Carly Derisz

Phoebe Rountree

Mobilisation Coordinator at Australian Conservation Foundation