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Toondah Harbour in the Moreton Bay Marine Park on Brisbane’s east coast is a special place.

Its sensitive wetlands are home to threatened animals including dugongs, dolphins, whales, sea turtles and the critically endangered Eastern Curlew. Over summer, 40,000 migratory shorebirds from all around the world, including the critically endangered Eastern Curlew, come to feed and rest in the Bay.

Yet despite its status as an internationally-protected Ramsar site, the wetlands at Toondah Harbour and the animals that rely on it are under threat. Systemic failures in our environment law mean Walker Corp – one of Australia’s wealthiest property developers – could be allowed to destroy a large area of the wetland to make way for a marina and high-rise apartments.

In the coming months, we will have a critical window to stop this irreversible and unacceptable damage to Toondah Harbour, when Walker Corp releases its Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).

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