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Climate damage is here, now. Reef bleaching. Mega bushfires. Worsening drought. It’s harming the people we love, and it’s getting worse.

But the solutions are here, now too. Our next government must step up and deliver a plan to stop climate damage. No more burning coal. No climate-wrecking Adani mine. It’s time to power this country with clean, renewable energy from the sun and wind.

Sign the pledge to tell the people who want to represent us in our next government:

If you want my vote, you must act to:
  • Stop Adani’s polluting mine
  • End digging and burning coal
  • Switch to 100% clean energy

We'll use this pledge to pressure political parties to lift their game and make better climate policies. And if they won’t, we'll let voters know.

We know that if enough of us speak up, change is possible. People power won votes for women and marriage equality. It stopped the Franklin river dam and public funding for Adani’s coal mine. People speaking out moves issues forward and leaders must follow.

Climate damage stops with us, here, now.