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Climate damage is the biggest challenge of our time. 

It's here, now, harming the people we love. Fuelling reef bleaching, bushfires, heatwaves and drought. And it’s getting worse.

We are living in an era that demands courage and action. 

So let's get on with it.

Sign the petition and we will tally up the numbers in each electorate to show the parties just how many climate voters there are.

If you want my vote, you must: Stop Adani’s polluting mine, end digging and burning coal, and switch to 100% clean energy.


Latest Supporters

Happy to petition but don’t want to be swamped by emails and phone calls.
Jason 2019-02-20 21:50:04 +1100
Bronwyn Wrigley
Bronwyn 2019-02-20 21:24:50 +1100
John 2019-02-20 20:53:02 +1100
Louise 2019-02-20 20:46:46 +1100
Gillian 2019-02-20 20:19:19 +1100
If you want my vote, you must present a plan not only how to preserve but how to improve our water resources.
Peter 2019-02-20 20:18:20 +1100
Stop Adani and save our planet!!
Lisa 2019-02-20 19:19:51 +1100
If you want my vote: you must stop Adani’s polluting mine AND force Adani to clean up the damage they’ve already done to the wetlands near Abbott Point, AND listen to the community voices trying to preserve & future-proof our artesian water resource for later generations.
Joan 2019-02-20 18:07:38 +1100
Ann Horse trezise
Ann 2019-02-20 18:05:23 +1100
Helen 2019-02-20 16:36:49 +1100
For 50 years I’ve watched governments get away with destroying this country whilst feathering their own personal nests. The baton changing Labour/Liberal party game has locked us in the past. STOP THE INSANITY.
We need a modern humane government that will let go of crippling old technologies…. redirect the coal oil and gas industry. Support solar wind and geothermal.
Kick Adani out….don’t mine the reef.
Stop logging old growth forests … that costs taxpayers millions per year and directly causes bush fires etc. Save the trees for the ever growing tourist industry.
Save billions per year by processing all refugees onshore.

I’m voting Green for a cleaner brighter progressive future for all
Carolyn 2019-02-20 15:38:37 +1100
We need to take a responsible stand and stop the destruction
Kim 2019-02-20 14:32:05 +1100
Action is needed to stop further damage to the environment . This can’t wait !
Margaret 2019-02-20 13:36:36 +1100
Lauren 2019-02-20 11:28:05 +1100
My vote will be for the party that is taking our environmental future seriously
Trish 2019-02-20 09:50:04 +1100
Protect our future.
Protect our environment, our water, our climate system.
Restore our planet.
Anne 2019-02-20 08:33:22 +1100
I’m voting to give us and our future a chance
Tom 2019-02-20 06:45:03 +1100
tic toc, tic toc, time is running… for politicians who don’t get it.
Martin 2019-02-19 23:13:23 +1100
Henry 2019-02-19 21:37:38 +1100
Lila 2019-02-19 21:31:05 +1100
Clive Edward Brook
Clive 2019-02-19 21:21:32 +1100
Stop Adani and all new coal-fired generators, save the Murray-Darling, and protect our native forests and marine reserves!
Peter 2019-02-19 21:19:07 +1100
Jane 2019-02-19 20:46:55 +1100
Please think laterally and see the positives of renewable energy. Fossil fuels are old news even the fossil fuel companies including adani are investing in renewables .
Jayne 2019-02-19 17:35:06 +1100
Richard 2019-02-19 17:34:15 +1100
I vote for the Earth
Max 2019-02-19 17:29:00 +1100
glenn 2019-02-19 17:22:06 +1100
Aiden 2019-02-19 16:22:34 +1100
Phoebe 2019-02-19 16:15:24 +1100
Annah 2019-02-19 15:58:50 +1100