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Climate damage is the biggest challenge of our time. 

It's here, now, harming the people we love. Fuelling reef bleaching, bushfires, heatwaves and drought. And it’s getting worse.

We are living in an era that demands courage and action. 

So let's get on with it.

Sign the petition and we will tally up the numbers in each electorate to show the parties just how many climate voters there are.

If you want my vote, you must: Stop Adani’s polluting mine, end digging and burning coal, and switch to 100% clean energy.


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Fay 2018-11-23 11:35:41 +1100
Dr Scoresby 2018-11-23 11:35:31 +1100
We need to make the changes now, stop letting the $ persuade us to make the planet uninhabitable for the majority.
Wendy 2018-11-23 11:34:50 +1100
Mandy 2018-11-23 11:34:31 +1100
Emma 2018-11-23 11:34:21 +1100
Michael Ellis
Michael 2018-11-23 11:34:04 +1100
Mary Mahoney
Mary 2018-11-23 11:33:44 +1100
Tragic short sight by major parties.
Celebrating this week huge export of QLD coal , and NSW production more at present than Adani can expect.
Are they mad or just plain ignorant?
Is short term monetary gain more vital for Australia than the future for our families?
Steve 2018-11-23 11:33:40 +1100
A step in the right direction but more to do yet.
Karel 2018-11-23 11:33:19 +1100
Jolyon 2018-11-23 11:32:40 +1100
Robert 2018-11-23 11:32:08 +1100
Yvonne 2018-11-23 11:31:46 +1100
Georgia 2018-11-23 11:31:39 +1100
Ben 2018-11-23 11:31:21 +1100
Why do politicians have to be dragged kicking and screaming to do “something” bout global warming?
Albert 2018-11-23 11:28:13 +1100
Frances 2018-11-23 11:27:28 +1100
Tony 2018-11-23 11:25:57 +1100
Yes, I will have two issues that decided who gets my votes-
better treatment of refugees by our government policies and health/ housing/welfare policies, AND
promise of taking climate change seriously when policies and funding decions are made,
the Adani mine development must be stopped
jennifer 2018-11-23 11:25:18 +1100
This is not debatable for the sake of the next generation we must stat now
Christine 2018-11-23 11:25:07 +1100
Margaret 2018-11-23 11:24:08 +1100
rainer 2018-11-23 11:23:06 +1100
Sueanne 2018-11-23 11:22:54 +1100
Molly 2018-11-23 11:22:51 +1100
Kathy 2018-11-23 11:22:15 +1100
Shona 2018-11-23 11:20:53 +1100
Climate damage is here and it’s bleaching our reefs, firing our bushes and drying our drought. I’ve had enough, I hate going to Springsure and catching on fire because of these bushfires, I can’t even go to my reefs without being blinded by the white surfaces. Because of climate change the Ph levels of our ocean is being affected, smaller animals such as clams and coral are dying.
But luckily the solutions are here now as well, we need our next government to step up to develop and deliver a plan to stop climate change damage. By stopping the burning of coal you will stop the rapid release of green house gasses in the atmosphere.
It’s 2018 darl so let’s act to stopping Adani’s polluting mine, end digging and burning of coal and switch to 100% clean energy.
Jp 2018-11-23 11:20:31 +1100
Gloria 2018-11-23 11:19:31 +1100
Steve 2018-11-23 11:18:37 +1100
Roger 2018-11-23 11:17:14 +1100
Sevilla 2018-11-23 11:16:59 +1100