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Climate damage is the biggest challenge of our times.

It's here, now, harming the people we love. Fuelling reef bleaching, bushfires, heatwaves and drought. And it’s getting worse.

Sign the petition and we will tally up the numbers in each electorate to show the parties just how many climate voters there are.

If you want my vote, you must act to:
  • Stop Adani’s polluting mine
  • End digging and burning coal
  • Switch to 100% clean energy

We are living in an era that demands courage and action. 

So let's get on with it.

Latest Supporters

Ely 2018-12-11 19:39:21 +1100
Sonia 2018-12-11 16:10:59 +1100
Green energy
Clean air
Reef spared from pollution
Heading to the future vision
Of sustainable energy and economy, no more raping of the earth 🌎
Michelle 2018-12-11 15:32:50 +1100
Time to put Climate at the top of the agenda!
Sophie 2018-12-11 11:52:50 +1100
Joel 2018-12-11 11:26:56 +1100
If we don’t do anything now what are future generations going to think about us? We have heaps of space and sun to utilise for renewably energy.
Barbara 2018-12-11 11:18:00 +1100
Australia’s climate change record is a global embarrassment. The system can change to work for everyone – we need a government who can make it work!
Andrew 2018-12-11 09:20:40 +1100
The love of money is the root of all evil. Governments who put short term financial gains over the long term benefit of a healthy environment are not smart enough to win my vote.
Linda 2018-12-11 08:44:44 +1100
Stephanie 2018-12-11 08:24:22 +1100
Lisa 2018-12-11 08:08:07 +1100
this is to the government>>>>>stop denying the facts, own up to who you stand for??? Lets start to protect the country, people,animals and water…and stop selling out to the highest bidder…..this government and many to follow have been put on notice….ship up or F!%$^*K off……we have less then 15 years to fix these issues or its too late
Jay 2018-12-10 22:53:05 +1100
Resources = raw materials + knowledge. Therefore having economic development and a clean environment is not a zero sum game. We can manage both with the creation of the right kind of knowledge. This means more incentives to create and develop clean and renewable energies. The Adani coal mine would be a regressive step. Not to mention that his hitherto environmental record is abysmal.
Jane 2018-12-10 22:31:55 +1100
and you can end animal agriculture while you’re at it. Let’s not ignore the blue whale in the room.
Keith 2018-12-10 22:15:42 +1100
Lisa 2018-12-10 21:44:07 +1100
This is a critical issue of our times. We need urgent, positive action from our elected leaders. We can not put off the transition from fossil fuels to renewables any longer, our future is a stake.
Georgia 2018-12-10 20:12:14 +1100
Andrew 2018-12-10 19:46:13 +1100
Isabella 2018-12-10 19:43:36 +1100
Tom 2018-12-10 19:24:56 +1100
gigi 2018-12-10 18:05:48 +1100
Julie 2018-12-10 17:03:22 +1100
P 2018-12-10 16:28:54 +1100
Zoe 2018-12-10 15:04:15 +1100
Adam 2018-12-10 14:44:04 +1100
Jenna 2018-12-10 13:08:49 +1100
Patrick 2018-12-10 12:22:09 +1100
Erin 2018-12-10 09:45:57 +1100
My name is Joanna Hewes, and I’m a voter for our climate and our future. Time is running out to do the right thing.
Joanna 2018-12-10 09:20:25 +1100
Melinda 2018-12-10 09:11:23 +1100
Annette 2018-12-10 08:41:12 +1100
Nicholas 2018-12-10 07:51:35 +1100