One million conversations about stopping climate damage. That’s what we’re aiming for ahead of the federal election.

An ambitious goal – but one I’m sure you’ll agree matches the challenge of our time.

We know real conversations, person to person, is one of the most powerful ways to elevate issues. We’re training hundreds of volunteers to talk to voters on doorsteps, over the phone, at kitchen tables, train stations and barbeques about climate damage.

But those hundreds of volunteers need support and coordination. And that’s where you might come in.

Will you play a leading volunteer role in our huge, people-powered election campaign? You'll be supported with the skills and tools you need to step up. Apply today!


With several volunteer roles available, we’re seeking people with diverse sets of skills. We’re looking for warm, supportive people who can coach other volunteers on how to run their own calling parties and doorknocks. We’re looking for storytellers and gatherers who can collect stories from people on the front lines of climate damage.

We need hospitable and organised people who can help manage field offices in key electorates. And we need skilled, organised people to help coordinate polling booths, lobbying efforts and even more conversations across the country.

If you’re keen to develop your skills, get hands-on experience with Australia’s biggest environment organisation, and play an integral role in making this the climate election, then one of these opportunities is for you!

Get your application in soon though, as we’ll be kicking off a three-day training bootcamp in mid-February to skill up our new team.

Our goals are big, ambitious and necessary. To achieve them, we’re going to need everyone. Regular people stepping out of their comfort zones to make a difference. People like you and me. Apply now to play your part.

P.S. Can you share these fantastic opportunities with skilled and passionate people you know? With several volunteer roles available, the more people who apply the merrier! You can share it on Facebook or forward this email to your networks.

Bethany Koch

Community Organiser at Australian Conservation Foundatuion