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Election day, hand out scorecards in Chisholm

We’ve analysed the parties’ policies and rated them in an independent scorecard to help voters make informed choices. On election day, we’ll hand them out to voters as they walk into polling booths.

RSVP to sign up for a three-hour shift starting at 8am, 11am, or 2pm. We'll follow up with all the details. 

Call climate voters about how the parties stack up

Hundreds of people all across Australia have been calling into key electorates inviting people to become Climate Voters. Now, with the federal election just days away on May 18, it is a crucial time for us to report back to these Climate Voters on how the parties stack up on their commitments to stop climate damage. We need these voters to powerfully use their vote on election day!

Call volunteers for election day

Help us call friendly ACF supporters to recruit and roster them on to help out on election day.


Why volunteer in Chisholm?

We’re working in places that matter. Chisholm is a key electorate where parties are paying close attention to the concerns of constituents. This makes it a great place to demonstrate that people care about climate damage.

The Chisholm electorate covers Box Hill, Blackburn, Forest Hill, Surrey Hills, Ashwood, Chadstone, Mount Waverley, Burwood and Glen Waverley.

Teams of volunteers who live in the electorate or nearby are getting active. Join us!


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