Let's have thousands of conversations about stopping climate damage 

Hundreds of people across Australia are putting their hands up to take action for our planet and the people we love. 

Incredible people who are determined to make stopping climate damage a defining election issue.

They’re hosting phone calling parties to make thousands of calls to people in electorates our elected representatives are watching closely. And they’re inviting you to join them!


We’ve made it easy for you to have hundreds of meaningful conversations with people in key electorates. All you need to bring is your fully-charged mobile phone.

Your volunteer hosts will brief you and provide a conversation script. You’ll meet other people in your area who also care deeply about stopping climate damage for our planet and the people we love.

ACF volunteers put their hands up to host calling parties at our climate election campaign launch in Adelaide

No calling parties near you? No problem! You can host your own.

We’re aiming to call 50,000 people in the next two months to make climate damage a huge election issue. So more calling parties means more powerful conversations.

If you're thinking of hosting your own calling party – get in touch! You can email us at [email protected] or give Joel Marlan-Tribe a call on 03 9345 1123. Check out the host guide for all the information you need.


Together, we will make the next election a turning point – where millions of Australians vote for a government with the courage and vision to stop climate damage. Here, now.

Let’s make sure every calling party is full of volunteers so we can have maximum impact!


Paul Sinclair

Campaigns Director at the Australian Conservation Foundation.