Thank you for signing up to deliver your message for nature to your federal MP’s office ahead of World Environment Day!

Every quick visit from a constituent paves the way for our MP’s to speak up publicly for the action our forests, wetlands and wildlife needs now – strong new nature laws and an independent regulator to enforce them.

A step-by-step guide to delivering your message to your MP’s office has been sent to your inbox and also written out below.

1. Choose a date and time to visit your MP's office

Decide when you’ll visit your MP’s office and let them know you’ll be coming. Make sure it is before World Environment Day on Monday 5 June.

2. Write or make something to leave with them

To help leave a lasting impression, take something to leave with them as a reminder of your visit. It can be anything, as long as it conveys your message and why you care. Here are some ideas:

  • Write a short message on a postcard or photo of nature you love.
  • Write or type a short letter explaining your connection to nature and why securing strong new nature laws matters to you.
  • Take in a photo of a threatened species found in your state.
  • Find a twig of a local eucalypt or wattle as a symbol for nature.
  • Or download and write your message on this handout we’ve prepared for you.
  • Don’t be afraid to get creative in this step. The more personal it is, the better!

3. Visit your MP’s office

Visit your MP’s office and have a quick conversation about why protecting and restoring nature matters to you.

  • Find your MP's office by googling their name and the term 'electorate office', or by using this website.
  • Visit at the time you set and ask if your MP is available for a quick chat. Remember to say that you are a constituent.
  • If your MP is unavailable have a conversation with their member of staff and ask them to commit to passing on your message.
  • Make sure you deliver a clear ask: “speak up publicly for urgent, strong new nature laws on World Environment Day”.
  • You might want to do some research on who your MP to learn what motivates them and identify values you share beforehand (a quick search of their website will tell you lots).
  • Browse our extra reading and resources if you're looking for inspiration for what you'd like to raise in conversation.
  • Try to take a photo with the person you spoke to, or outside the office!

4. Tell us how you went

Fill out the report back form to tell us about your visit, upload your photo if you took one and share any reflections you have.

  • Letting us know about your visit and any key takeaways is hugely helpful for ACF to keep track of which MPs have been spoken to, and where they stand on nature.

Get in touch if you have any questions or need further support. An ACF staff member will schedule a time to chat with you to make sure that you’re ready to visit your MP. You're also welcome to join our online crafternoon on Wednesday 31 May to ask questions and write or create something to leave with your MP.

Good luck and thank you for taking this crucial action to connect with your MP and push for strong new nature laws – we’ll check in to see how you’re going soon!

Extra reading and resources