Thank you for your interest in visiting your MP's office to chat with them or their staff members about protecting communities and nature from big climate polluters. 

Here's how:

  • Print this 2-page resource (if you don't have a home printer, you could use your local library).
  • Personalise the resource by adding your MP's name on page 1 and sharing a little bit about yourself and why you care on page 2.
  • Drop by your MP's office during business hours. Have a chat with their staff members – or ask if your MP is available – and pass along your ask for your MP to:
    • End all coal, oil and gas handouts and approvals, to stop big polluters like Woodside and Santos from further damaging our climate, and
    • Reform our national nature laws so that they are strong and protect our wildlife from climate destruction
  • Thank your MP or their staff members for their time. 

Print this resource to take to your MP.

Please note, some offices may not be open 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, if their staff have flexible/work from home options. It can be worth calling your MP's office beforehand to make sure they are open. If you visit and no one is present, you can either plan to come back another time, or put your message for your MP in the letter box.