Next week the Albanese Government will try passing its reforms to the national climate policy known as the Safeguard Mechanism. But their plan is not strong enough to force Australia’s biggest polluters to slash their emissions, nor crack down on new coal and gas – and Parliament will not pass it in its current form.

Australia has been in a climate policy wasteland for a decade. We must act now to ensure this policy is a strong start on slashing emissions and getting closer to ending coal and gas for good.

We are asking the Albanese Government to negotiate with the rest of Parliament to strengthen the Safeguard Mechanism. Will you join us?

Please write a message to the Prime Minister and Climate Change Minister urging them to strengthen the Safeguard Mechanism now.

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This week, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released a new report synthesising its latest research into a comprehensive assessment of how climate change is impacting our planet’s health.¹

The IPCC, which is the world-leading climate science body, has delivered a particularly sobering forecast for Australia. Without stronger action from our government this decade, bushfires, floods and droughts will get more severe and more frequent on this continent.

A stronger Safeguard Mechanism that drives genuine emissions reduction, stops unlimited offsets for polluters and cracks down on new coal and gas will help guide us towards a safer climate future. Join us and raise your voice now.

Write a message to the Albanese Government now urging them to strengthen the Safeguard Mechanism – so that it drives genuine emissions reduction, stops polluters from buying unlimited offsets and cracks down on new coal and gas.

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Over the last few months, together we have run a powerful campaign pushing our government to make this important climate policy stronger: We have held community-led meetings with MPs across the country, put up billboards at Canberra airport and in key decision-makers’ electorates, lobbied for policy improvements with the major parties and crossbench, commissioned new independent research that’s made national headlines, reached millions of people with digital advertising, sent thousands of pre-written messages to the Prime Minister and hundreds of calls to cabinet ministers. We have surrounded the Albanese Government with calls for bolder climate action now.

It all comes down to these critical negotiations now. Let’s send the Albanese Government an undeniable message that we want a stronger Safeguard Mechanism, and an end to coal and gas for good.

Let's act now!

10 months ago, we elected a new Parliament with a strong and urgent mandate to deliver climate action in Australia. Now our Parliament must work together and take this opportunity to force big corporations like Woodside and Santos to rapidly slash their emissions and get us closer to ending coal and gas for good. Let’s keep going. For our climate, for our future.

Hear from ACF CEO Kelly O’Shanassy speaking on ABC Radio National this morning about the Safeguard Mechanism.

¹ Australian Conservation Foundation: Scientists’ ‘final’ warning: only swift, dramatic action will avert climate disaster


Gavan McFadzean

Climate Change and Clean Energy Program Manager, ACF