Nature in Australia is in trouble. We’ve seen the koala and the greater glider listed as endangered, and many other species are under threat from habitat loss.

Unfortunately, government data about nature destruction is often outdated, hard to find, or not collected at all, which means it is hard to find out how much habitat has been destroyed, or where it happened. And when we can find it, data is often difficult and time-consuming to sort through.

That's why ACF has developed a way for you to help us spot habitat destruction and stop it in its tracks. We’ve made it quick and easy for you to help us gather crucial data, which will help ACF investigators laser in on the key habitat most at risk.

Join ACF Investigates and help to hold companies accountable for environmental harms.

The ACF Investigates tool is now live and it allows anyone to compare recent satellite photos and identify whether native forest is being destroyed. All you have to do is compare two images, spot the difference, and click on the areas that show land clearing. It’s that easy! 

You can spend as much time as you want, checking images from all over Australia and identifying where it looks like trees have been cut down. We’ve designed this tool so you can help us from wherever you are – use your smartphone or computer to join in at any time.

A close up of a smartphone screen displaying satellite images.

An example of scanning satellite images on a smartphone to spot land clearing.

ACF Investigates will be live for six weeks (from Monday 20 February to Sunday 2 April), and you can work through as many sets of satellite imagery as possible in that time. The more eyes we can get on it, the better we can help to protect endangered animals from habitat loss. You don’t need any prior experience – we’ll give you all the information you need.


Previously, our Investigations Team uncovered land clearing that was destroying the habitat of greater gliders, forcing the Federal Environment Department to take action and protect this precious habitat. 

Three people gathered around a map and a smartphone with a green forest in the background.

Consultant ecologist, Jos Van Der Moolen and Annica Schoo discuss plans for the day's survey of greater gliders in Shallow Crossing State Forest. You can be part of important investigations with ACF Investigates. Photo credit: Stuart Cohen/Bottlebrush Media.

By joining our team of community investigators, you’ll help us laser our focus on the cases you identify, helping us to chase down leads and environmental harm fast. You will help us find clearing that’s happening without approval, outside the bounds of what has been approved, or in areas that are protected habitat.


A dirt road edged by lots of tree stumps and cleared land. There are some trees still standing in the background.

Australia is a big country and we need many eyes to scan it! Help stop nature destruction with ACF Investigates.

Your efforts will help us understand what’s really happening on the ground, and we won’t have to wait for other reports to get that information. Register now and start investigating!


Header image: Stuart Cohen/Bottlebrush Media

Emma White

Community Investigations Coordinator at the Australian Conservation Foundation