While our government tears itself apart to avoid its duty of care, ACF and our half a million-strong community will make the next election a turning point. 

It’s like deja vu.

Prime Minister Turnbull has abandoned any commitment to stop climate damage. Climate policy has triggered yet another Prime Ministerial leadership spill. He survived, but is still hostage to a small handful of climate deniers whose extreme views don’t represent the majority of Australians.

At some point a reckoning must come for Members of Parliament who abdicate their responsibility to the people they represent. As a few politicians wreck any effort to stop climate damage, firefighters risk their lives battling 78 bushfires across NSW – in winter. 100% of the state is in drought.

We will not sit this one out. While our government tears itself apart to avoid its duty of care, ACF and our half a million-strong community will make the next election a turning point.

Our strategy is to talk to Australians who live in places where votes are close, and turn community concern about climate damage into a commitment to vote on the issue. We’ve already started but now we must urgently scale this up.

Donate today so that together, we can throw everything at this.

We’ve just got started and our community has already tracked 57,000 conversations. An incredible seven out of 10 people we speak to are commiting to vote for a party that will:

  • Stop Adani’s polluting mine,
  • End digging and burning coal, and
  • Switch to 100% clean energy.

This is huge. It shows we can turn the broad concern Australians already feel into a commitment to vote on this issue. Then we can use those commitments to pressure political parties to lift their game. And if they won’t, we’ll let voters know.

We’ve set an ambitious target of one million conversations before the next federal election. To hit this target we must throw everything at it – community power, advertising, data and technology, and collaboration with allies.

Your generous gift will scale up this campaign today. Our top priorities are:

  • Campaign launches in the Brisbane electorate of Bonner, then rolling out across the country over the next two weeks.
  • 300 community-led phone calling parties and door knocks in the weeks after launch, leading to a rolling wave of community action that scales up as volunteers take the lead.
  • Immediate personal conversations with 52,000 people we’ve prioritised to call next. They live in places that could determine who forms our next government.
  • Support for dozens of newly mobilised local ACF Community groups and volunteers who are powering this campaign on the ground.
  • A targeted advertising campaign with tested messaging and creative that makes plain what is at stake – our planet and the people we love.

Changing leaders – again – will not make climate change go away. Politicians putting their heads in the sand won’t help farmers baking in drought or elderly people suffering city heatwaves.

We know that if enough of us act together, change is possible. People power won votes for women and marriage equality. It stopped the Franklin river dam and public funding for Adani’s coal mine. People speaking out moves issues forward and “leaders” must follow.

This is how we make the next election a turning point.

We’re focusing our campaign in key places where the vote is close, so that by the time candidates knock on people’s doors and hand out flyers, thousands of people will tell them: if you want my vote, you must act to stop damage to our climate.

Every donation will help to scale this campaign up.

So much is at stake.

Contribute now to the climate election campaign and let’s get to work.

It’s time to power our country with the sun and wind – for our planet and the people we love.

Kelly O'Shanassy

CEO of the Australian Conservation Foundation.