Leave a comment to urge federal Environment Minister Tanya Plibersek to reject Walker Corporations’s project that would destroy sensitive wetlands at Toondah Harbour.

Walker Corp wants to build 3,600 luxury residences, including high-rise apartments, and a 200-berth marina on the harbour’s protected wetlands, which are home to dugongs, dolphins, sea turtles and shorebirds.

Public comments on Walker Corp’s draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) are open until 6 December. Then it will be revised and handed over to Minister Plibersek to either reject or approve the project.

A concise and clear submission written in your own words is incredibly powerful. Use the following messages to guide your comments.

Key messages:

  • State clearly that you oppose Walker Corporation’s inappropriate and destructive proposal at Toondah Harbour.
  • Urge the Environment Minister to reject the project due to its unacceptable impact on sensitive Ramsar-protected wetlands, and threatened birds and animals.

Details to customise your comment:

  • This project will have significant impacts on matters of national environmental significance: an internationally listed wetland (Moreton Bay), nationally threatened shorebirds including the critically endangered Eastern curlew, migratory marine species (dugongs and turtles) and the locally threatened koala.
  • The Eastern Curlew is one of the 22 priority species in the federal government’s new 10-year Threatened Species Action Plan. Approving this project is completely at odds with the Federal Government’s recent goal of ‘no new extinctions’.
  • Australia has international obligations under the Ramsar Convention to protect this wetland and the species that rely on it, and this proposed development could set a precedent that allows damaging developments in other important wetlands in Australia and worldwide.
  • Walker Corp’s claims that a high-rise apartment complex at sensitive wetlands at Toondah Harbour would result in ‘no expected reduction in migratory bird numbers’ and ‘deliver a positive outcome for koalas’ are beyond believable.
  • There is significant community opposition to this project. Redlands residents are concerned about the loss of threatened wildlife, the impact on local businesses and tourism, and increased road traffic.

Full, downloadable version of the draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) from Walker Corporation.


Banner image: Eastern Curlew. Credit: Wang LiQiang/Shutterstock