We all love Toondah Harbour

Toondah Harbour, on Brisbane’s east coast, is a special place. It is home to endangered bird species and a local koala colony. And the Harbour is part of the Moreton Bay Marine Park – it safeguards dugongs, humpback whales, dolphins and sea turtles.

But wait – there’s more! The Harbour is an internationally protected wetland. Over Summer 40000 migratory shorebirds from all around the world, including the critically endangered Eastern Curlew, come to feed and rest in the Bay.

But it's under threat

The Walker Corporation wants to build 3600 luxury residences, including high-rise apartments and a 200-berth marina on the Harbour’s protected wetlands, see map below.

Toondah Harbour project area

In 2013, the Queensland Government declared a Priority Development Area over the site, with support from the Redlands local Council. That declaration aimed to fast-track the project approval process.

This project would destroy an important area of the protected wetland. Extensive dredging could smother seagrass meadows, degrade water quality and create problematic algal blooms. As well as affecting marine life like the whales, dugongs, dolphins and sea turtles.

Together we can protect Toondah Harbour

Community concern about the project is growing. Locals are worried about the loss of irreplaceable habitat for animals like Eastern Curlews, dugongs and koalas, as well as the increased traffic and the impact on the community and local businesses. And they are worried about the complete disregard this project shows for our country’s international obligations to protect a globally significant wetland.

We can stop this project and protect Toondah Harbour. But we need to come together and show our support for safeguarding this beautiful and significant area.

Join with us to help secure the future of this amazing place we all love and enjoy.