• Clearly communicate the rationale or goal of the project within your community (e.g. Help us identify as many species as possible in our local neighbourhood and contribute to biodiversity research).
  • Be willing to put in the work to promote the opportunity within your community. A little passion goes a long way.
  • Recruit additional admins, managers or curators to your project to help with identifications and community-building. Admins can be added on the Edit Project page for a Collection or Umbrella project. In your Project settings you can add "Members" at the very bottom of the settings page and make someone a manager or curator on the project.
  • Run contests or organise meet-ups for your local community members, friends or family. Themes like the "observation of the month" or year-long challenges encourage interaction and friendly competition among project members.
  • Acknowledge community members for their findings, however significant or insignificant. Getting a comment on your observation by the group administrator can help encourage participation. To post a comment click on an observation in the project. 
  • Keep track of the progress of the project. It is a powerful tool for sharing good news stories on the accomplishments being made by participants in your project.