Your project can help to connect you to nature enthusiasts in your community who may not be engaged with your group or ACF. It’s important that we use nature-connection activities like these to engage as many different types of people who love nature as possible. Ideas on ways you can find new people include:

  • Use social media to extend the reach of your project and actively recruit new participants. Copy & paste the link to your project page & share it on Facebook or other social media. You can invite your ‘Friends’ and followers to join in on your NatureNearYou project.
  • Provide updates to your followers and/or group members through social media and/or email to motivate participation. e.g. "To date ACF Community Malvern has documented over 100 species, including threatened species like the Grey-headed flying fox!”
  • Promote opportunities to join in on bush walks and contribute to the project in the community. Post signs in local grocery stores, libraries, newspaper articles, presentation displays at community events, etc.
  • Organise events around your project. Examples could include hosting a day where your goal is to document as many species as you can in your local park, host a bioblitz, a wildlife photography workshop, nature journaling outing, etc. Don't just appeal to the scientist inside everyone, appeal to the artist and nature-lovers too.
  • Network with relevant conservation groups, regional authorities and experts in the local and global community to take part in your event(s) and/or contribute to your project.
  • Work with parents and educators to get youth involved. This kind of news can really galvanize support for a community citizen science project.