Thanks for being a force for nature

Everything we do, every day, is powered by people like you. This is the change you've made possible over the past 12 months... check it out!

Our wins in 2017 – the highlights

That's not all...

What's next

Your opinion matters. In our 2017 community survey, you told us the top three issues you want to address are 1) cutting pollution, 2) shifting to clean energy and 3) protecting nature. 
Below, see the progress we’ve made so far and what’s in store for 2018.

1. Cutting pollution

What we've done:

What's next:

2. Transitioning to clean energy

What we’ve done:

What's next:

3. Protecting nature

What we’ve done:

What’s next:

Want to see what people in our community think about ACF's work? See our 2017 community survey results.

New year, new campaigns

In 2016, we worked in partnership with Monash University to diagnose the underlying causes – the systems and values – that drive environmental destruction. Now, we’re using this research to drive big changes in the way we work to protect nature and our climate and have exciting plans in the works for 2018.

Economy for life

We know the way our economy operates is a fundamental problem that we can change. Moving forward, we will redouble our efforts in challenging runaway growth with new thinking around forever jobs and industries that are pollution-free and care for nature.


In a healthy democracy, dollars don’t determine public policy – people do. Our goal is to strengthen the institutions and rules of our democracy so that it works for everyone and represents everyone, not just the powerful few.

Stay tuned for more!

Thank you!

Across the country, our community is doing incredible things. 

People young and old are meeting with MPs, joining local groups, putting up posters, writing letters to the editor. Thousands are giving monthly donations, volunteering, marching the streets, signing petitions and never giving up. 

Together, we are creating a world powered by clean energy from the sun and wind. A world where reefs, rivers, forests, people and wildlife thrive. 

Thanks for showing up, speaking out, and taking action for our beautiful planet. 

People made this crisis and together we can solve it!

Thank you – and let’s go!