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Federal government must allow states to move on renewables

News | 11 June 15

Despite foot-dragging in Canberra, there may still be a way to advance renewable energy at the State level, writes Leigh Ewbank and Suzanne Harter

Australia isolated on climate after G7 meeting

News | 10 June 15

Many countries can see the writing on the wall why not Australia? asks Matthew Rose

Cape York clearing threatens tourism icons

News | 10 June 15

Denuded landscapes threaten biodiversity, writes Andrew Picone

This is the decade for action

This is the decade we choose how we respond to the climate crisis.

People all over Australia are speaking out and voting for stronger climate action. Together we are shifting governments and corporations to act now. But stronger action is needed.

Our communities and wildlife are at the frontlines of climate impacts. Floods, droughts and bushfires are getting more frequent and more extreme.

To protect the people and nature we love, we must replace polluting coal, gas and uranium with renewable energy from the sun and wind. It’s reliable, affordable and ready to power our lives and slash pollution now.

This is the decade that matters. Let’s act now to create a safe climate future for all.

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This is the decade for climate solutions

Together we keep growing a thriving movement and winning hearts and minds. Now our decision-makers are starting to take action with us.

Our state and federal governments are lifting their emissions reduction targets, investing in large-scale, publicly-owned wind and solar power. But our governments are still spending billions in public money on coal, gas and oil. Australia is the world’s biggest exporter of coal and gas. 

The climate solutions we need to slash pollution are here, now. And they'll make our lives better. 

  • Ending coal and gas in Australia is the most effective way to slash pollution now.
  • Harnessing clean energy from the sun and wind can replace coal, gas and uranium, make us a world leader in renewable energy, create future-proof jobs in communities like Gladstone, Queensland, and a lucrative new export industry for our economy. 
  • Protecting and restoring nature helps keep our planet cool. The tall wet forests of southeast Australia and the wet tropics of Queensland are some of the most carbon-dense forests on earth.
  • Travelling cleaner and smarter will take pollution off our roads. We can build more paths to walk and cycle and electrify our public transport and cars.

Ramping up climate solutions now will create a brighter, safe climate future. 

Join in

Everyday people taking action over many years has led us here. Donations, emails to decision-makers, putting signs up in our front yards, building power deep in communities.

Everyday people taking action is how we get stronger climate action.

Join the movement today. To get started add your name to the petition to end coal and gas in Australia.


We are in a climate and extinction crisis. It’s time for action.