26 November 18

Tasmanian Todd Dudley wins Rawlinson conservation award

ACF's Rawlinson Award celebrates outstanding voluntary contributions to protecting the environment.

24 November 17

Victorian forest defenders win 2017 Peter Rawlinson Award

Forest campaigner Andrew Lincoln and the Goongerah Environment Centre (GECO) have won the 2017 Peter Rawlinson Conservation Award in recognition of their critical work surveying and defending Victorian native forests.

ACF Peter Rawlinson Conservation Award

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16 December 16

Regina McKenzie speaks out against nuclear waste in Flinders Ranges

"We don’t want a nuclear waste dump on our country and worry that if the waste comes it will harm our environment and muda (our lore, creation)"

15 December 16

Micklo Corpus stands up for a frack free Kimberley

For two years, Rawlinson Award winner Micklo Corpus has camped at the gates of Buru Energy’s Yulleroo fracking site, sharing his knowledge of culture and love of country while engaging the community and industry to keep the Kimberley frack free. Wade Freeman tells his story.

25 November 16

Indigenous leaders Micklo Corpus and Regina McKenzie win Rawlinson award

Joint winners for this year's Peter Rawlinson Award.

10 June 16

Jack Green, McArthur River

‘We’ve been here a long time and this land is important to us’