Fresh water rip-off allegations in Murray-Darling Basin demands judicial inquiry

01 September 17

Water Week Summit 2017

Tom Dunn: Standing up (on a paddle board) for the Murray

09 August 17

Demand an investigation into water theft in the Murray-Darling Basin

Explosive Four Corners investigation into the Barwon-Darling river systems must trigger ICAC investigation

25 July 17

The Travelling Fowlers

21 July 17

Murray-Darling Northern Basin Review

24 February 17

Submission to the Murray-Darling Basin Authority Northern Basin Review

Properly looking after the River Murray requires long-term thinking and strong leadership

25 November 16

Murray-Darling Authority beats ‘a visionless retreat’

22 November 16

No more delays to Murray-Darling Basin Plan

21 April 16

It's time for our governments to finish what they started.