Analysis shows government is stifling access to information about the environment

15 January 21

Documents reveal WA govt approved bulldozing of prime bilby habitat before due diligence was complete

07 November 20

Incitec Pivot releases super-potent climate pollutant from chemical plant in Queensland

12 May 20

Morrison Government safeguards again fail to curb emissions from big polluters

01 April 20

Centennial Coal emits three years’ worth of pollution from mine in two years, with no penalty

24 February 20

Seven football fields of habitat for the Greater Glider

18 February 20

A small win for greater gliders, but stronger environment laws needed to safeguard the species

18 February 20

BHP allowed to adjust its pollution limits after emissions blowout at mines

17 February 20

Fears for greater glider habitat on Queensland property

02 December 19

Glider habitat burned down after flawed approval

02 September 19