Save our Greater Glider

Agriculture review must not weaken already weak environmental protections

29 March 18

Rather than weaken environment laws, our farmers should be supported by our elected representatives to look after nature.

New research reveals Australia’s critical habitat laws are broken

06 March 18

Australia's Extinction Crisis

06 March 18

Misrepresented endangered species spending needs independent audit

14 February 18

Some claimed threatened species programs are instead restoring historic ships, weeding bike paths and funding other unrelated activities.


Environment spending in Australia

02 February 18

Since 2013, the proportion of total Commonwealth spending devoted to the Federal Environment Department has nearly halved.

Australia’s new Strategy for Nature a global embarrassment

21 January 18

Decision of Full Court of the Federal Court only start of campaign to stop Adani's polluting coal mine

25 August 17

Legal advice: Adani’s dodgy enviro plan grounds for revocation of approval

20 July 17

Controversial development set to destroy critical bird habitat and internationally protected wetlands

10 June 17