Threatened species habitat the size of Tasmania destroyed since environment law enacted

07 September 18

Bid to destroy threatened species habitat on Cape York a test for new minister

04 September 18

Thousands of missing creature alerts

03 August 18

Minister already has evidence to reject Toondah Harbour high-rise development and protect international wetlands

24 July 18

The Federal Environment Minister has ignored evidence of a significant threat to internationally protected wetlands, koalas and threatened bird species in his decision to progress the Toondah Harbour development proposal.

Minister Ley: revoke approval for Adani’s mine

Minister Frydenberg must protect our alpine wilderness following reckless NSW feral horse bill

08 June 18

Minister Frydenberg could fast-track a threat abatement plan under national environment law to stop damage from feral horses.


Federal implications of the NSW Kosciuszko Wild Horse Heritage Bill 2018

07 June 18

The NSW bill will ensure damage from feral horses on the sensitive alpine environments of Kosciuszko National Park continue and increase, despite the numerous threatened species and rare ecosystems that call the park home.

Massive Cape York land clearing approval would undercut Turnbull’s reef rescue plan

13 May 18

Budget 2018-19: Investment in a healthy environment cut to bare bones, while fossil fuel subsidies continue

08 May 18

The 2018-19 Federal Budget pushes through more damaging environment cuts and continues reckless fossil fuel subsidies.


Clearing of vegetation at Kingvale Station

07 May 18

Submission on the EPBC Act referral for clearing of vegetation at Kingvale Station, Queensland.