Addressing all elements of the energy trilemma is essential

25 October 18

Joint statement from 15 conservation, social services, energy, industry and investor groups urges governments to recognise that addressing emissions and reliability are not only critical in their own right, but are essential parts of achieving cost reduction.

ACF statement on Federal Government energy announcement

23 October 18

It’s time for an approach to energy that doesn’t continue to damage our climate, our health and our future.

ACF statement on Wentworth by-election result

21 October 18

ACF welcomes Senate push for transparent Australian pollution data

17 October 18

Runaway climate change in Wentworth: New extreme summer seasons would become the norm

10 October 18

IPCC Special Report on 1.5 Degrees shows we must urgently transition from fossil fuels

08 October 18

Release of pollution data must be made independent after persistent interference

04 October 18

The responsibility for the preparation and release of Australia’s emissions data should be given to one of our well-equipped independent bodies working on climate change.


Australia’s National Greenhouse Gas Inventory – climate pollution still rising

01 October 18

In the year to March 2018 Australia’s emissions increased 1.3%.

Latest data shows Australia’s climate pollution is still rising - and there is no national plan to turn it around

28 September 18

We have the community support, technology and knowledge to get on top of our pollution problem, but not the political will.

Australia must match words with action after recognising climate threat to Pacific

06 September 18