Major global assessment puts Australia at the bottom of the class on climate action – AGAIN!

15 November 17

Only Iran, Republic of Korea and Saudi Arabia performed worse than Australia on overall performance in tackling climate pollution.

Queensland LNP’s coal power obsession unhealthy for our planet and our Great Barrier Reef

01 November 17

Queenslanders should be angry about the LNP’s obsession with building a new polluting coal plant given the damage it would do to the state’s clean air, clean water and emerging clean energy industry

Email your car club: Ask them to speak out for car pollution standards

RACV, NRMA, RACQ and other car clubs risking Australia’s Paris targets

23 October 17

Strong limits on car pollution is good for our climate and public health.

WATCH: Climate policy chaos digital town hall meeting

20 October 17

Coal obsessed Turnbull abandons credible climate action

17 October 17

Digging a Hole

17 October 17

How the Coalition is burying renewables while trying to exhume coal

Frydenberg signals Turnbull Government has wiped its hands of serious climate change action

09 October 17

Turnbull Government’s coal obsession is dangerous and will fuel climate change

13 September 17

Trying to keep dirty Liddell coal plant open past its use-by date is ridiculous

06 September 17

PM must embrace clean energy for a healthy planet