ACF welcomes NSW Government comments on federal climate policy, calls for all elected representatives to do more

19 December 18

NSW Energy Minister Don Harwin has called for the Federal Government to put “science, economics and engineering ahead of ideology” on climate change policy.

How to have a meaningful conversation about climate change

17 December 18

New analysis shows Australian industry among worst in developed world for using energy efficiently

15 December 18

Australia back with the laggards in climate ranking

11 December 18

Analysis shows Australia lagging similar countries in improving pollution intensity of the economy

05 December 18

Australia vs the World: Australia’s pollution profile & how to turn it around

04 December 18

Australia is far behind similar economies in terms of pollution per person and emission intensity of our economy.


Australia’s National Greenhouse Gas Inventory – pollution levels still going up

30 November 18

ACF response to Federal Labor energy policy announcement

22 November 18

The dirty truth: Australia's most polluted postcodes

16 November 18

Stronger air pollution standards needed to protect poorer Australians

16 November 18