Morrison Government must refocus on cutting climate pollution after ministry appointments

27 August 18

Australia is baking and burning – new Prime Minister Scott Morrison must back Paris deal and climate action

24 August 18

A responsible government would uphold its international commitments and act to cut the harmful climate pollution from burning coal and razing forests.

Prime Minister abandons action on climate change

20 August 18

Parking pollution targets for the National Energy Guarantee is another low in Australian climate policy and has brought to light the unrepresentative influence of climate sceptics in our public life.

Victorian solar homes plan highlights missing climate leadership in Canberra

19 August 18

The Victorian solar homes plan will be good for our climate, good for clean energy, and good for household power bills.

Designing the ‘plus’ in ‘NEG-plus’ to support clean projects

14 August 18

The ACCC recommendation must not be used as a Trojan horse to satisfy the ideological excesses of climate deniers in the Coalition who are obsessed with building a new polluting coal plant


Recommendation 4 of the ACCC inquiry in retail electricity pricing

14 August 18

The key design elements needed for government underwriting of dispatchable energy to ensure it supports clean projects that support cheap wind and solar, not new dirty coal.

ACF response to COAG Energy Council meeting outcome on the NEG

10 August 18

If the Turnbull Government is going to refuse to boost the NEG’s pollution target, then it must accept the state’s changes so a future government, of any political stripe, can embrace truly responsible climate action.

Sensible compromise needed to deliver the NEG

07 August 18

If we are to salvage a solution on the NEG for our climate then the Turnbull Government must make amendments.

Come to a climate election campaign launch

30 July 18

Final Commonwealth design paper shows NEG still fails on climate change

25 July 18

The Turnbull Government will implement a woefully inadequate 26 per cent climate pollution cut from electricity generation by 2030.