Nicholls backs polluting power for North Queensland over renewable energy

16 June 17

‘Clean Energy Target’ that includes coal or gas is a lie

08 June 17

Two steps forward, one step back: Queensland improves renewable policy while opening up gas fields

06 June 17

With dispatchable power, solar and storage, we could get the same benefits to the grid without the pollution.

Memo to COAG: Rapid shift to renewables is the only way to fix the energy market

05 June 17


Public wants NAIF money spent on renewables, not coal - new poll

22 May 17

Budget 2017: Turnbull government funds pollution over people and nature

09 May 17

Big polluters should pay and the government is without a plan: Australians at odds with their government over nature

08 May 17

ENA & CSIRO embarrass PM on energy policy as gas sideshow plays on

28 April 17

Coal closure inquiry: squabbles in Canberra while workers and climate suffer

30 March 17

Coal workers and energy security will continue to suffer due to the inability of the major parties to enable rapid shift from coal to renewables.

Our land abounds in nature’s gifts – but not for long, if our leaders fail to protect them

08 March 17