Energy security must mean going clean and preparing for more extreme weather

07 October 16

South Australian blackout highlights need for a national energy transition plan

05 October 16

Energy market operator's preliminary report confirms SA blackout was caused by extreme weather.

Australia unprepared for increase in extreme weather events

29 September 16

Coal is fuelling climate change, but some people want to blame renewables for SA power outage.

Attacks on renewable energy must stop

13 September 16

The federal government and opposition have agreed to slash funding for ARENA.

Six years left until Australia reaches its climate pollution limit

09 September 16

European think tank says moves to increase export capacity, commission new coal mines and drill more gas wells are irreconcilable with Australia’s commitments as a signatory to the Paris Agreement.

ARENA cuts threaten thousands of regional jobs

07 September 16

Global warming is a greater moral challenge than budget repair

05 September 16

Shine a light for the Reef tonight in Brisbane

30 August 16

Queensland should cash in on solar jobs boom

29 August 16

De-funding ARENA would stifle solar jobs growth in Queensland

25 August 16

ACF research shows 2,700 jobs could be created in Queensland if 10 big solar projects receive funding.