Report: Adani’s groundwater ecosystem management plan is totally inadequate

19 June 18

The Adani company would be able to avoid proper scrutiny of the impact of its proposed coal mine on groundwater, an independent review has found.

Adani's new water works must be subject to proper assessment under environmental law

13 June 18

Adani’s proposal to construct water infrastructure must be subject to a full and rigorous assessment under environmental laws.

Special exemptions from water rules for mining companies must be scrapped

06 June 18

Analysis: Revoking Adani’s environmental approvals would not raise sovereign risk

21 May 18

Stopping Adani's coal mine and sovereign risk: Analysis by economist Saul Eslake

21 May 18

Would actions by an Australian Government to stop the Adani Carmichael mine from proceeding constitute an increase in Australian 'sovereign risk'?

Great Barrier Reef funding an important step but real climate action needed

29 April 18

Study on coral death on the Great Barrier Reef in 2016 is shocking but not surprising

19 April 18

Kearney must be a prominent Stop Adani voice in Canberra after Batman win

17 March 18

The local community will expect Ms Kearney to be an advocate against the Adani coal mine in the Federal Parliament.

ACF response to enquiry on reef trip

08 March 18

Climate pollution from burning the Adani coal and the suffering of our Great Barrier Reef are issues of great national and international consequence that require leadership from all our elected representatives.

Bipartisan political support on Adani broken, now Shorten must commit to action

07 March 18