08 December 16

Funding Adani would be Turnbull's Trump moment

Australians will not stand by while the Great Barrier Reef becomes a bleached wasteland and our Prime Minister entrenches Australia's dependence on a dirty, declining industry, writes Geoff Cousins.

08 December 16

Clean energy policies would create tens of thousands more Qld jobs than Adani

The real jobs boom in Queensland is in clean energy and protecting the 70,000 jobs that depend on a healthy Great Barrier Reef, not in Adani’s reef-wrecking coal mine.

08 December 16

90,000 new jobs for Queensland

How strong climate action creates jobs and cuts pollution

Write to Malcolm Turnbull: Don’t give Adani $1 billion to wreck our reef!

Tell him you want our beautiful reef, not Adani's polluting mine
03 December 16

Turnbull must reject dirty deal with Adani

Don't put the interests of big polluters ahead of the interests of the Australian people.

15 November 16

Aussies back environment groups against government attempts to silence

Polling shows Australians want environment groups to hold governments to account.

Stop Adani’s giant coal mine and protect the Great Barrier Reef

Petitioning Federal Minister for Environment and Energy, Josh Frydenberg

29 September 16

Joyce's glib assessment that 'accidents will happen' not good enough for Reef

Acting Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce's admission that 'accidents will happen' on the reef provides a compelling argument as why coal and the Great Barrier Reef are a bad mix

15 September 16

Why this matters

Losing our court case was a sad moment for our community. But we went into this knowing that if we lost, it would put the wheels in motion for something far greater.

15 September 16

ACF versus the Environment Minister – our Adani court case explained

ACF's General Counsel, Elizabeth McKinnon explains why ACF challenged the Environment Minister's approval of Adani's giant Carmichael coal mine, and what happened.